Medical Clinic Case Study


Sold Price

New Venture


Private Equity

Buyer Type

8 Months

On Market


SPARK Business Brokers was engaged by an entrepreneur in the medical aesthetics industry who sought to pursue new opportunities. The client had built a thriving medical aesthetics business and decided it was the right time to explore other ventures. With a free valuation of $1.5 million, the client enlisted SPARK Business Brokers’ expertise to identify a private equity buyer who could acquire the business as an add-on to their portfolio and continue its growth trajectory. The client’s objective was to facilitate a seamless transition while achieving a favorable sale price within an eight-month timeframe.

Client Objective:

The client’s primary objective was to find a private equity buyer who possessed the financial resources, industry knowledge, and strategic vision to take the medical aesthetics business to the next level. The client desired a buyer who would maintain the high standard of service, innovative treatments, and customer satisfaction that the business was known for. Additionally, the client aimed to secure a favorable sale price based on the free valuation and desired a timely closure within an eight-month timeframe to embark on new opportunities.


SPARK Business Brokers implemented a strategic approach to fulfill the client’s objectives, employing the following steps:

  • Business Evaluation: SPARK Business Brokers conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the medical aesthetics business, assessing its financial performance, client base, competitive advantage, and growth potential. This evaluation provided valuable insights into the business’s value proposition and formed the basis for attracting potential buyers.
  • Private Equity Buyer Identification: Leveraging their industry network and expertise, SPARK Business Brokers identified private equity firms specializing in the healthcare and aesthetics sectors. These potential buyers were carefully evaluated based on their investment criteria, industry experience, financial capabilities, and ability to drive strategic growth for the business.
  • Customized Marketing Campaign: SPARK Business Brokers designed a targeted marketing campaign to showcase the business’s unique attributes, including its cutting-edge technology, skilled team, and loyal customer base. The campaign aimed to attract private equity buyers who understood the market dynamics, recognized the growth potential, and possessed the resources to take the business to new heights.
  • Negotiation and Deal Structuring: SPARK Business Brokers played a vital role in negotiating favorable deal terms, including the sale price, transition period, and any involvement the client desired post-sale. Their industry knowledge and deal structuring expertise ensured that the transaction aligned with the client’s financial goals and facilitated a smooth transition for employees, clients, and suppliers.
  • Due Diligence and Closing: SPARK Business Brokers facilitated a meticulous due diligence process, coordinating the exchange of financial, legal, and operational information between the client and the private equity buyer. They provided guidance and support throughout the due diligence stage to address any concerns or inquiries promptly. Once due diligence was successfully completed, SPARK assisted in finalizing the transaction, meeting the client’s objective of closing the deal within the targeted eight-month timeframe.

Thanks to the strategic efforts of SPARK Business Brokers, the client successfully sold their medical aesthetics business for the desired price of $1.7 million. By identifying a private equity buyer, SPARK ensured the business’s growth potential would be maximized while maintaining its commitment to quality and innovation. The eight-month timeframe for the transaction was met, enabling the client to embark on new opportunities in a timely manner. SPARK Business Brokers’ expertise, industry connections, and dedication to client satisfaction played a pivotal role in achieving a successful outcome for both the client’s new ventures and the continued growth of the medical aesthetics business under the private equity buyer’s stewardship.