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SPARK Business Brokers was engaged by a home remodeling business owner who sought to explore other opportunities. The client had built a successful home remodeling company and decided it was the right time to pursue new ventures. The client enlisted SPARK Business Brokers’ expertise to identify an entrepreneurial buyer who could take over the business and continue its growth trajectory. The client’s objective was to facilitate a smooth transition while achieving a fair sale price within a seven-month timeframe.

Client Objective:

The client’s primary objective was to find an entrepreneurial buyer who possessed the vision, passion, and resources to maintain and expand the home remodeling business. The client sought a buyer who would continue to serve their existing customer base, deliver high-quality projects, and uphold the company’s reputation. Additionally, the client aimed to sell the business for a fair price of $875,000 and desired a swift deal closure within a seven-month timeframe to allow for timely exploration of new opportunities.


SPARK Business Brokers implemented a strategic approach to meet the client’s objectives, employing the following steps:

  • Business Evaluation: SPARK Business Brokers conducted a thorough evaluation of the home remodeling business, analyzing its financial performance, market position, customer base, and growth potential. This assessment provided valuable insights into the company’s value and served as the foundation for attracting potential buyers.
  • Buyer Identification: Leveraging their network and industry expertise, SPARK Business Brokers identified entrepreneurs with a keen interest in the home remodeling industry. These potential buyers were carefully assessed based on their entrepreneurial drive, business acumen, and ability to align with the client’s vision for the company’s future.
  • Marketing and Promotion: SPARK Business Brokers developed targeted marketing materials to showcase the business’s strengths, including its portfolio of successful projects, customer testimonials, and growth opportunities. These materials were tailored to attract entrepreneurial buyers who shared the client’s passion for home remodeling and could envision the company’s potential for further growth.
  • Negotiation and Deal Structuring: SPARK Business Brokers facilitated negotiations between the client and prospective buyers, working to achieve a fair sale price of $875,000. They also assisted in structuring the deal, including terms related to the transition period, client involvement, and any contingencies to ensure a smooth transition for employees and customers.
  • Due Diligence and Closing: SPARK Business Brokers guided the client and the selected buyer through a thorough due diligence process, ensuring all necessary financial, legal, and operational information was exchanged and evaluated. They provided support and expertise to address any concerns or issues that arose during due diligence. Once due diligence was successfully completed, SPARK assisted in finalizing the transaction, meeting the client’s objective of closing the deal within the targeted seven-month timeframe.

Through the strategic efforts of SPARK Business Brokers, the client successfully sold their home remodeling business for the desired price of $875,000. The client’s objective of finding an entrepreneur buyer who could continue the company’s growth and uphold its reputation was achieved. The deal was closed within the specified seven-month timeframe, allowing the client to explore new opportunities promptly. SPARK’s industry expertise, targeted marketing approach, and dedication to client satisfaction played a crucial role in facilitating a smooth transition and securing a favorable outcome for both the client and the entrepreneur buyer.