Car Wash Case Study


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8 Months

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SPARK Business Brokers was approached by a retiring business owner in the car wash portfolio industry. The client owned a successful portfolio of car wash businesses and sought a strategic buyer who could continue the company’s growth and uphold its reputation. With a price expectation of $3.2 million and a desire to retire within a timeframe of eight months, the client engaged SPARK Business Brokers to facilitate a seamless transition and ensure the best outcome for their business.

Client Objective:

The client’s primary objective was to find a strategic buyer who possessed industry expertise, a compatible business vision, and the necessary resources to maintain and enhance the portfolio’s success. The client aimed to secure a favorable sale price of $3.2 million while ensuring the long-term viability of the car wash businesses. Additionally, the client sought a smooth transition process and aimed to complete the deal within an eight-month timeframe to facilitate their retirement plans effectively.


SPARK Business Brokers devised a comprehensive strategy to fulfill the client’s objectives, employing the following steps:

  • Portfolio Assessment: SPARK Business Brokers conducted a thorough assessment of the client’s car wash portfolio, evaluating each business’s financial performance, market position, operational efficiency, and growth potential. This analysis provided a comprehensive understanding of the portfolio’s value and enabled the team to effectively market it to potential buyers.
  • Strategic Buyer Identification: Leveraging their industry network and expertise, SPARK Business Brokers identified strategic buyers who had a deep understanding of the car wash industry and a track record of successfully operating similar businesses. Each potential buyer was carefully evaluated based on their strategic fit, financial capabilities, and commitment to the portfolio’s growth potential.
  • Targeted Marketing and Confidentiality: SPARK Business Brokers designed customized marketing materials to showcase the portfolio’s strengths, including its revenue streams, customer base, and growth opportunities. While promoting the portfolio, SPARK Business Brokers maintained strict confidentiality to protect the client’s sensitive information and ensure a smooth transition for employees, customers, and suppliers.
  • Negotiation and Deal Structuring: SPARK Business Brokers played a crucial role in negotiating favorable deal terms, including the sale price, transition period, and the client’s post-sale involvement, if desired. Their industry knowledge and expertise in deal structuring ensured that the transaction aligned with the client’s financial goals and retirement plans.
  • Due Diligence and Closing: SPARK Business Brokers facilitated a rigorous due diligence process, coordinating the exchange of financial, legal, and operational information between the client and the strategic buyer. The team provided guidance and support throughout the due diligence stage to ensure a smooth and efficient process. Once due diligence was successfully completed, SPARK assisted in finalizing the transaction, meeting the client’s objective of closing the deal within the targeted eight-month timeframe.

Thanks to the strategic approach and dedicated efforts of SPARK Business Brokers, the client successfully sold their car wash portfolio for the desired price of $3.2 million. By identifying a strategic buyer, SPARK ensured that the portfolio’s growth potential would be maximized and its legacy preserved. The retirement timeline was met within the agreed-upon eight-month timeframe, allowing the client to transition smoothly into the next phase of their life. SPARK Business Brokers’ expertise, industry connections, and commitment to client satisfaction played a critical role in achieving a successful outcome for the client’s retirement plans and the long-term sustainability of the car wash portfolio.