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Our Buying Process
The start of our engagement begins with our team providing an overview of the acquisition process, discussing your strategic priorities, establishing preliminary acquisition criteria, and ultimately finalizing an engagement agreement to formalize the relationship between SPARK Business Brokers and your team.
The next step in the process is to identify potential acquisition targets. We will work with you to determine specific criteria for the target company and then conduct a targeted search for businesses that meet your criteria. We conduct an assessment to determine if targets could be a good fit. If they are, we facilitate an introduction to move the acquisition process forward.
The next step in the process is to facilitate the preliminary due diligence and financial review of the potential targets that meet the criteria. The brokerage will assist the buyer with a target valuation and preparation of the offer, and then submit the offer(s) to the identified targets.
Now it's time for the exciting part! We will help you perform a thorough operational and financial due diligence process, and work with a team of tax, accounting, and legal advisors to negotiate the deal and review the purchase agreement. Finally, we will assist you in preparing for the closing of the transaction, and once everything is finalized, ownership will be transferred to you.
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Browse Businesses For Sale